Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014

hi everyone!

i hope you are all fine!

i am ok, its nice to be back at home in austria - but i also miss ghana and especially the people!

i opened a business in october and now - finally - the homepage is online! i am selling art.

please check it out:

and on facebook:

the homepage...
...and on facebook
enjoy the art and share it with your friends!

and also be updated and support the BRAIN FOOD PROGRAMME like does with 7% of its sales volume! it is our CSR to support ghanian school children with free lunch after school.

respect, 7

Samstag, 13. September 2014

last pictures from ghana

dear all!

i hope you are all doing fine!
i left ghana in the end of july, since then i am in austria and the weather is great! it rains every day, and it is cold - perfect for me after years in ghana without a lot of rain and too much heat!! besides me i think no one is happy about this "summer"!

i still want to show you some last pictures from ghana...

goods are carried on the head - likt this the head often becomes a market place!

last pictures from the village i stayed...

old jerseys from the soccer club where i played as a child!

this is the flower of...

...ground nuts (pea nuts). but the nuts are obviously in the ground!

i visited a function at our kings palace

military and police ensured security for the function

our king nayiri sitting in the highest position with some of his chiefs

other chiefs came to greet the king!

people were looking...

...and looking...

...and looking... the king!

rainy season really started - finally

people started to prepare their fields at the beginning of the rainy season

because too many people wanted to see the ghana world cup matches we put the TV outside! can you see me in the crowd?!

market with nice fish

soccer pitch

flower of baobab tree

once this car was parked outside the football room, while its "driver" was watching a match inside!!

thats how the TV room looks
 finally i had to leave the village - and organized a small fare well party. friends, former staff and neighbours were invited!

madam dahamata takes care of my house during my absence - good job madam!

party guests!

last traditional meal, in traditional clothes

at mr. joes house, with his senior wife and some of their children

weeding is difficult for mr. joe after his motorbike accident

mr. hamidou

 a child cought this bat - and later he prepared and ate it with his friends

my bro rauf with aslam and bob


a great painter

old baobab tree

street food - fried yam, fried fish with sauce and water

market day


"such is life"

TV at chikata

almost all cars are from europe - this one is from austria

at a spot

 i also went to keta, east off accra

thinking man (thinking men!)

roads in accra at night

austrian fish and bread

lake fuschel

in the mountains in salzburg, my home town

there is enough water, and its green!!

in vienna, in the 6th floor we had a visitor - and it stayed for 3 days!!!
 in salzburg i saw a crazy place - a training center built for the red bull junior soccer players and ice hockey cracks. they built the most modern ice hockey arenas in europe - its possible to train there all year
its really cold in here - the ground is ice and if it was warmer than 0 degrees it would you can imagine!
 and most crazy an indoor soccer pitch! 90 meters x 60 meters, a normal size pitch - but idoor! outside there are another 7 pitches.
something i have never seen all my life

i also met isaac vorsah, a black stars player (ghana national team) who plays for salzburg now!

thats the outside view of the training center
i am now at home, have met many friends already and hope to see the other ones soon! i am also tying to find work in austria now. insha allah it will work!

if i have any interesting pictures again i will post them.

take care, kind regards from rainy salzburg, 7